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Strategic Direction

CoPAHM strategic plan.png

Click here to view the Strategic Plan

In 2020, the CoPAHM was awarded funding from the Western Australian Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program to continue supporting the national response to HIV and population mobility. 

The CoPAHM Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025 outlines an action plan, as well as the objectives and measures of success that will guide the CoPAHM activities throughout this period. 

CoPAHM is guided by four main principles. These principles underpin the strategic approach to HIV management for migrant and mobile populations in Australia, and are discussed in detail in the Strategic Plan.

  1. Partnerships and collaboration - Working with other groups to achieve vision, including peak, government and non-government organisations and affected communities

  2. Access and equity - Addressing determinants of health that impact HIV outcomes, acknowledging that intersecting characteristics result in unique challenges and experiences for priority populations

  3. Evidence - Supporting research, policy and practice responses informed by evidence

  4. Ethics and human rights - Ensuring ethical practice

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