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OUR Structure
The Odyssey Hub uses a team-based organisational structure for its activities in order to increase the potential for research and evaluation, knowledge dissemination, participation and cross-sector collaboration. The governance structure comprises the following groups listed below.

Management Group

Our day to day activity is supported by our Management Group (MG) composed of Hub researchers who represent a range of disciplines and methodological perspectives. The MG provides both strategy and operational guidance to ensure the team can effectively and efficiently work together to achieve our vision and mission through our core activities.

Strategic Advisory Committee 

A Strategic Advisory Committee supports our work. The Committee brings together the diverse experience and expertise of key stakeholders in the health, social services, and migration and population mobility sectors. The Committee comprises researchers, practitioners, policy makers and community representatives, who can offer contextual advice, provide strategic and research direction and support Hub governance. 

Research Excellence Panel

The Research Excellence Panel comprises invited senior academics from across the Asia-Pacific region.  Panel members possess knowledge and methodological expertise relevant to the Odyssey Hub’s mission and offer advice in relation to the design and conduct of research.  Members of the Panel include epidemiologists, statisticians, demographers, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists and legal experts. 

Community Research Navigators

Consistent with our commitment to partnership, co-design and capacity-building, each Odyssey Hub project is designed with input from members of relevant mobile and migrant communities. Community members are also trained and supported to assist with data collection, analysis and/or knowledge translation.      

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