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The Odyssey Hub aims to improve planning and service delivery and policy for mobile and migrant populations in the Asia-Pacific region by:

  1. Conducting original qualitative and quantitative research and synthesising existing knowledge to identify and understand emerging public health issues and build the evidence-base about the relationship between migration, mobility and health

  2. Building the capacity of mobile and migrant populations to design, conduct and apply public health research to address the needs of their communities

  3. Creating structures and mechanisms for collaboration between researchers, government agencies and community organisations working with mobile and migrant populations

  4. Engaging with decision-makers, practitioners and affected populations to facilitate knowledge translation and strengthen research impact

  5. Providing workforce training to health and other key service providers based on principles of best practice

  6. Offering training, support and mentorship to early career researchers from the Asia-Pacific region in relation to migration, population mobility and health

  7. Evaluating and advocating for the scaling-up of evidence-informed reforms to improve health and social outcomes for migrant and mobile populations. 

Areas of Focus

Currently, our main areas of public health focus are:

  • Injury prevention

  • Occupational health and safety

  • Social, political, economic and cultural determinants of health

  • Mental health, social and emotional wellbeing

  • Relationships and sexual health

  • Infectious and communicable diseases

  • Chronic disease

  • Climate, sustainability and health impact assessment

  • Health literacy and access and usage of services.



Our work is informed by a socioecological determinants framework, which recognises that health outcomes for mobile and migrant populations are affected by the circumstances surrounding the relocation (e.g. rationale, duration of stay), in addition to a range of individual, social, economic, environmental and other determinants which can change and evolve over the course of individual movement trajectories. The framework incorporates and builds on existing models advanced by the International Organisation for Migration. 







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