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international student sexual health network

The International Student Sexual Health Network (ISSHN) was established in 2015 under the leadership of Dr Georgia Babatsikos (Deakin University) to address an urgent need to provide international students with comprehensive sexuality and sexual health information during their studies in Australia. From 2015 - 2021, ISSHN was chaired by the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health. 

In 2022 - 2024, ISSHN is co-chaired by: 

•    Alison Coelho (she/her), Coelho Networks, Australia.

•    Corie Gray (she/her), CoPAHM, Western Australia, Australia. 
•    Budi Sudarto (they/he), Melbourne Sexual Health Centre, Victoria, Australia.

The main goal of ISSHN is for a multi-sector collaboration to advocate for greater access to sexual and reproductive health for all international students. ISSHN members comprise several not-for-profit organisations, education providers, private and publicly-funded clinics across Australia, international student associations, as well as individual community members. ISHHN meetings are held twice a year, online. 


If you are interested in joining the network, please contact:


Position paper in response to Overseas Student Health Cover

In response to the Government's Deed for provision of overseas student health cover, ISSHN members have published a position paper. The current OSHC policy is unaffordable and does not meet the needs of international students, exposing inequities for international students. The ISSHN proposes the following actions are addressed as a matter of urgency:

1.    An annual meeting of ISSHN, Universities Australia, the Australian Tertiary Education Commission, international student organisations, and relevant ministers and policy makers 
2.    Universal access to culturally safe sexual and reproductive healthcare and prevention technologies 

3.    OSHC funded initiatives to improve sexual health literacy (including relationships, consent and pleasure) of international students that is culturally safe and appropriate, delivered by educational institutions in partnership with members from ISSHN and international student organisations. 

You can access the position paper here

To sign onto the position paper, please email


Submission to the Inquiry to Universal Access to Reproductive Health

A working group of 10 ISSHN members have met regularly since July 2022, to submit a position paper to the Senate Inquiry to Universal Access to Reproductive Health (15 December 2022). Please access the submission here.

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