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Eight years: a journey of HIV & Mobility 


Eight Years: A Journey of HIV & Mobility is a summary of the outputs and outcomes achieved over eights years of the Community of Practice for Action on HIV and Mobility (CoPAHM).

Since the establishment of CoPAHM, the HIV sector has seen ongoing momentum to address HIV and Mobility in Australia: Road Map for Action strategies across policy, practice and research, documented in the 2015 and 2016 Interim Report Cards. In 2019, the HIV and Mobility in Australia: Priority Actions (Priority Actions) document was released, to further operationalise the Australian response to HIV and Mobility. These collaborative efforts ensure that population mobility is part of the ongoing dialogue on HIV prevention, treatment, and support. 


Eight years later, the CoPAHM continues to keep HIV and population mobility issues on the national agenda, building partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders to facilitate policy, research and practice efforts regarding HIV and mobility. Findings highlight the CoPAHM’s pivotal role as a platform for strong partnerships, research, and dialogue regarding HIV and population mobility and support the rationale for future sustainability of the CoPAHM. 

Please click here to view the full report.

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