Current Projects

Hepatitis B Survey

Assessing hepatitis B knowledge, attitudes and practices among Myanmar community in Perth, Western Australia.


To identify the unique needs of CaLD populations who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in WA and who may have experienced or be at risk for mental health problems and social isolation.

Park Run Inclusion

An exploration of Parkrun to promote social inclusion for newly arrived migrant from CALD background.

MiBSS (Migrant Blood-borne Virus and Sexual Health Survey) 

Reducing health disparities in culturally and linguistically diverse people.


Investigating Australian male expatriate and long term traveller social networks in Thailand to determine their potential to influence HIV and other STI risk behaviour.

Srikandi (Co-designing an HIV intervention)

Co-designing an intervention to increase HIV testing uptake with women from Indonesia at-risk of HIV

Water Safety for Mothers

Exploring water safety means to overseas born mothers and carers of children under 5 years.

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