Migrant Blood-borne Virus and Sexual Health Survey

Year: 2018 – 2022.

Project Status: Ongoing.

Update August 2019 


This research is supported by funding from the Australian Research Council Linkage Program, Curtin University and contributions from partner organisations.

SiREN’s role:

SiREN and Curtin University coordinated the development of the grant and Dr Roanna Lobo is a Chief Investigator.

Ethics approval:

Ethics approval has been obtained from the Curtin Human Research Ethics Committee.

Chief Investigators:

Assoc Prof Alison Reid (Curtin University), Prof Bruce Maycock (Curtin University), Prof Rebecca Guy (Kirby Institute, UNSW), Dr Graham Brown (Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, La Trobe University), Assoc Prof Limin Mao (Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW), Prof Baden Offord (Curtin University), Dr Lisa Hartley (Curtin University), and Dr Roanna Lobo (Curtin University).

Brief overview:

This project aims to develop a greater intercultural understanding of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia and the factors that predict poor health outcomes related to blood-borne viruses (BBV) and other sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Project objectives:

Construct narratives of sub-groups of CALD migrants focussing on their sexual health attitudes and beliefs, perceptions of risk, motivations for sexual health help seeking and experiences of health care.

Compare face-to-face and online survey recruitment methods – uptake, population reached, diversity of sample.

Determine the implementation requirements of a national, repeatable, behavioural surveillance survey for CALD populations focussed on knowledge, risk behaviour, and health service usage related to BBV and STI.

Develop recommendations for health promotion and public health initiatives that seek to improve migrant health literacy, service integration and models of care for CALD populations related to BBV and STI.

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Project partners:

Curtin University, Department of Health WA, WA AIDS Council, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service, National Association of People with HIV Australia, Kirby Institute, Centre for Social Research in Health, AIDS Action Council of the ACT, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Australian Research Centre in Sex Health and Society, Ethnic Communities Council of WA, Multicultural Services Centre of WA, Office of Multicultural Interests, Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland, Relationships Australia SA, Government of SA, and SHINE SA.


Project outputs and impacts:

This cross-jurisdiction project will provide a way for us to work together to improve migrant health outcomes, strengthen existing partnerships and build new partnerships.

Key impacts anticipated:

  • Migrant narratives to inform workforce development initiatives and service provision, targeted health promotion and education.

  • Effective ways of engaging hard to reach migrants in survey research on a sensitive topic including assessment of different recruitment methods – peer researchers, online, face to face, self-completion.

  • Implementation requirements for a periodic surveillance survey for CALD populations focussed on knowledge, risk behaviour, and health service usage related to BBVs and STIs.

Want to get involved, or want more information?

Email Daniel Vujcich, Project Coordinator at daniel.vujcich@curtin.edu.au or telephone 08 9266 3668.

School of Public Health, Curtin University, Bentley, WA

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